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Yesterday Las Vegas Beatle Tribute

Complete with Beatle boots, drainpipe trousers, authentic costumes, musical instruments,

and singing songs in their original key, YESTERDAY's performance is spot on in every way. Yesterday is featured with other Las Vegas celebrities on video at McCarran International Airport, welcoming all to the "Entertainment Capital of the World"... Las Vegas!

YESTERDAY has performed around the world portraying musical icons “The Beatles,” YESTERDAY transports its audience to a bygone era of magical innocence. Featuring some of the most finely written songs ever performed, this production is a spellbinding enactment of the best-loved Pop group in the history of modern music.


Las Vegas based YESTERDAY has toured Japan seven times, and performed on five continents, including U.S. military installations worldwide. YESTERDAY performs in Las Vegas and in Branson with Legends in Concert, the longest running and most renowned tribute show in the world.

A Yesterday Productions Presentation, this is a show rich in memories. With superior showmanship, flawless voices, and exceptional musical abilities, these performers are not to be missed!