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Concept Evaluation, Market Analysis, Show Budgets, P&L Projections, Tour Sponsorship, Merchandise, Licensing. 

Show & Event Production
Producer, Director, Music Director, Script Writer, Choreographer, Scenic Designer, Costume Designer, Set Fabrication, Costume Fabrication, Lighting Design, Sound Design, and Special Effects Design. 

Trade Show Exhibit Production Services
Production of Trade Show Exhibits. Includes graphics, design service display sales and equipment purchase or rental including lighting, conventional and LED lights, fixed and moving lights, truss, stages, LED video walls, flat panel monitors, video projection, sound, display, curtains, pipe, drape and tents. Services also includes staffing, training, PR, marketing and management.

Printing & Design Services
Mark Bell Presents provides printing, graphic and design services to the live entertainment industry including touring stage shows, concerts, special events and tradeshows. 

Show & Tour Marketing & Promotion
Booking Venues, Tradeshow Services, Event & Tour Promotion, Media Director, Public Relations.

Career Management
Analysis, Creative & Strategic Planning, Branding, Negotiation, Agency Placement, Marketing Presentations.

Tour Management
Road Manager, Merchandise Manager, Tour Accountant, Transportation, Travel Logistics.

Kids Celebration New Mega Show Exhibit I

Mark Bell Presents specializes in theatrical shows. Whether you need costumes, backdrops and sets, truss, moving lights, and sound, or a complete production with transportation, we have the depth, knowledge, and experience to bring your ideas to life.

We cut our teeth on theatrical touring shows nearly thirty years ago starting with a large, licensed children’s character show similar to Sesame Street Live and Disney on Parade. The production played 2000 seat auditoriums and theaters and was comprised of a cast and crew of 16 that traveled nationwide by entertainer coach and semi-truck.

The star-studded cast of artists and producers of the children's recordings had been recognized with numerous Dove Awards and  Grammy nominations. Their recordings had sold over 8 million records and videos worldwide make the show a smash success.

In contrast, we have also brought numerous performances to many major league sports stadiums, arenas, and amphitheaters across North America so no job is too large or small for Mark Bell Presents.

Contact us today for a free no-obligation, no-cost consultation of your show concept.


At Mark Bell Presents, we know the science behind creating dynamic displays that engage the audience. Simply put, you have 3 seconds* at most to grab the attention of a prospective client as they walk by your exhibit on a tradeshow floor. With over 35 years of expertise in tradeshows and producing exhibits, backdrops, and banners that convey compelling stories for companies and brands, we can help you reach your goals effectively and efficiently.


Exhibitors from all corners of the entertainment business have trusted us to design and produce tradeshow exhibits from the smallest details of creating a logo and marketing materials to large exciting displays with giant graphics that stop buyers in their tracks, we have produced it all.


Our experience is deep within the entertainment industry as we’ve produced tradeshow exhibits for all facets of the entertainment business including performing art centers and theatres, festivals and fairs, gaming and casinos, concerts and music, books, magazines and publishing, education, and homeschooling, radio & television, camps and recreation, automotive and racing, equine and rodeos, special events, conferences, and churches plus many, many more.


Whether you need a complex exhibit built of truss, some popup banners or flags, or a simple freestanding backdrop, we can help.

Contact us today for a free no-obligation, no-cost consultation for your exhibit.


*Based on a standard 10 x 10 exhibit space.


Mark Bell Presents has created numerous special live events and concerts tailored for specific venues, festivals, fairs, artists, performers, projects, and celebrations. Whether it's a touring roadshow or a one-off event, we create a live experience that will not soon be forgotten.

In addition to the creative, we also have extensive experience in promoting concerts and theatrical shows on a nationwide basis. We have promoted well over 3,000 ticketed concerts and events across the globe. Our productions have traveled all over North America as well as numerous other countries.

For some clients, we have created and produced the concerts and shows as well as booked and promoted the tours. For other clients, we have consulted and created the tour routing, selected the markets and venues, and then left the promotion to them.


No matter what stage your project is in, if you're in need of a creative idea for concerts or a one-off event or you know exactly what you want, we can breathe life into your event and make it like no other.

Contact us today for a free no-obligation, no-cost consultation of your concert or event. 

Check out our Gallery for photos of some of our work!

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​
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