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Sinatra Big Band A Tribute By Matt Mauser

In the show, you will hear the heartwarming story of how Matt's

grandfather ran into Frank Sinatra at a restaurant in Hollywood the first night after moving from New Jersey to California. He went up to Mr Sinatra and asked if he could give a fellow New Jerseyan a job. Sinatra told Matt's grandfather to go see his manager the next day, and thus Matt's grandfather because a well respected TV actor with a long career in Hollywood. He even worked for Sinatra on his TV show as the video below shows him as the bartender Joe waiting on Mr Sinatra as he sang the song "One For My Baby...And One For The Road". 


As the lead singer of the popular Southern California rock band “The Tijuana Dogs”, Matt Mauser has been entertaining audiences with his unique style since the late 90′s.  As the Tijuana Dogs grew in popularity, the band was often asked to perform at weddings, corporate parties, and events that required a more sophisticated style of music.  It was during that time when Matt fell in love with the music of Frank Sinatra.  Mesmerized by Sinatra’s smooth voice and unequaled phrasing, Matt memorized the subtleties in each song Frank sang.


Pete Jacobs was born in Claremont, California.  He was a music major at Azusa Pacific University and then went on to a highly successful career as a producer and music arranger.  In 1997, he formed a 16-piece big band called “Wartime Radio Revue”.  This band has performed across The United States and Europe, and includes performances at New York’s Lincoln Center, Disneyland, and The Hollywood Bowl.

In 2005, Matt and Pete were introduced by “The Tijuana Dogs” guitar player Dave Murdy.  Dave was performing double duty playing in Pete’s big band “Wartime Radio Revue” and with “The Tijuana Dogs”.  In 2011, Matt approached Pete with the idea of starting a Frank Sinatra tribute band.  Pete, without hesitation said, “Let’s do it!”.  They immediately went to work charting music, recording vocals, and rehearsing with the big band. 


Their collaboration captures Sinatra at the height of his career when singing with The Count Basie Orchestra at The Sands Hotel in Las Vegas.  Matt’s vocal style and Pete’s genius as a conductor are a tribute to the two greats coming together.

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