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Wartime Radio Revue

WARTIME RADIO REVUE is a live musical show that takes audiences back in time to experience a World War II U.S.O. show. This show is produced by Pete Jacobs and is full of

entertaining and historical elements. It offers an authentic musical experience that will be nostalgic for audiences of all kinds. The hit songs of the 30s and 40s are the focal point of the show and are accompanied by late-breaking news stories from the war era. The show also features several original songs and 1940s-style radio commercials that are peppered throughout. 

Wartime Radio Revue is the premier big band playing this style of music in Southern California. The show puts this 16-piece band on display with wartime era armed forces uniforms. It keeps audiences on their toes with a driving rhythm and vibrant horn section, which are the signature sound of classic swing music. The band is accompanied by a trio of females vocalists singing tight harmonies. 


BROADCASTING LIVE, all across America, to all the ships at sea, and to all our boys in uniform stationed abroad, this is WARTIME RADIO REVUE!

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